How to Gain Weight Fast Even If You've Failed

You: I am underweight and I really want to gain more weight… How do I put on mass?

Scientifically, it’s an easy process. You simply need to consume more calories than you burn. If you do that, you will gain weight. Right? That’s what they all say…
You: But I’m already eating a lot!
Don’t worry, I believe you. It is not this simple. Our current obesity epidemic has spurred a new breed of researchers who have made a significant discovery which really should have been obvious all along: Our bodies are not that simple. It Is Not Your Fault.
Hormones and other factors (Testosterone, Human Growth Hormone, Insulin) regulate not only how much you eat but how your body digests what you eat. Of course you’re “not eating enough,” but you only have to eat so much food because you’re out of luck in the hormone/chemical/other department. Your body might not be at its best. It’s science. Now answer this question: Would you rather eat 10,000 calories a day or change your body to be an Alpha Male?
I’m not offering you a miracle pill. There are none, but there are certain supplements which can help. With that said, diet and exercise are important. If you’re not dedicated, leave now. I’m just suggesting we level the playing field. Why fight an uphill battle? It’s simply not fair that so many people are born jacked and others can never seem to bulk up no matter how hard they try… unless, of course, they outsmart the game…
It’s important that I say this upfront because the rest of this guide is going to cover basic diet and workout information for bulking up

Basic Diet


Like many things, packing on mass is easier said than done. If you don’t already know how many calories you need to be consuming daily to gain weight (roughly 20x your own body weight in calories daily), figure out your minimum caloric intake using my calorie calculator and then eat a lot more than that. If you eat an extra 500 calories a day (one small mass gainer shake) you’ll gain a pound of mass every week assuming you’ve got your metabolism in check (see above).
So I should go to McDonalds once a day – got it.
NO! The truth, of course, is that you can gain weight on a fast/junk food diet (and as proven in a recent movie – you can lose weight on a twinkie/mcdonalds diet). It all comes down to calories. But if your health (and fat/lean muscle ratio) matters to you at all, choose nutrient-dense foods instead of junk foods. Nutrient-dense and calorie/energy-dense foods include legumes, nuts, seeds, olives, dairy, meats, seafood, and poultry.
So I eat chicken, cheese, bacon, peanut-butter sandwiches with glasses of whole milk.
No; with gallons of whole milk. Now you’re getting it. If you’re a real nutrition geek, try to keep a diet of 40% carbs, 30% fat, and 30% protein.
It’ll help to increase your meal frequency to six times daily. If you get two or three of those meals from mass gainer shakes (which you can make inexpensively with our mass gainer shake recipes – or buy pre-made in the form of mass gainers) it’s really not any more difficult to stomach/get down six meals a day, nor is it tough to fit them into your schedule.
Increasing your meal frequency will also help regulate and normalize the flow of nutrients into your body. You don’t want to be on a three 1000-calorie meal daily diet – you’ll be getting three sugar crashes a day and, most importantly, you’ll go catabolic – storing more fat and losing muscle mass.
If you pursue your weight gain goal systematically, and plan your meals in advance, I guarantee you’ll gain weight. Remember: no matter how many times you’ve failed before, you know how to do it right this time. It’s impossible to not gain weight if you ingest more calories than you burn, and it’s simple with mass gainer shakes assume you’re taking supplements to make it possible. 

Using Mass Gainers to Gain Weight Fast


You don’t have to use mass gainers/weight gain supplements to gain mass. They work incredibly well but if you’re strapped for cash keep in mind that the primary purpose of weight gainers is to make companies money. I recommend you focus primarily on building an all-around weight gain diet from a variety of foods, and only then add a mass gainer.
With that said – whether you make them yourself or buy them – use mass gainers. They’re a life saver.

What About Exercise?


99% of weight gain is achieved in the kitchen and in the lab. Make your body a machine, and then eat, eat, and eat more. Low-rep weight training, however, can help increase weight gains (partly by boosting testosterone and those other all-important factors). And, perhaps more importantly, exercise can help ensure that you gain muscle instead of fat (and, of course, you get stronger, which is great).
Your workout should primarily be composed of large, old-school, compound exercises, such as squats, dead lifts, and bench presses. Work within a range of 4-12 reps. Anything more serves to improve endurance, and anything less is pretty much just stupid to do regularly.
One of the most under-recognized issues regarding gaining weight fast is that – when it comes to working out – more is rarely better. Keep your workouts shorter than an hour to prevent cortisol spikes (see – it’s really all just about the hormones) and don’t do those big compound exercises more than two or three times (at the absolute most) a week.
Then immediately get out of the gym and eat something. More food is always better.